You have known the DynaFlex® name as a leader in innovation and fabrication of orthodontic appliances for many years. As a trusted partner with our clients since 1965, we have remained on the cutting-edge of technology and have continually expanded to be the most comprehensive and full-service orthodontic laboratory in the country.

EZ-Align® clear aligners by DynaFlex are a series of clear, lightweight aligners used in the correction of malaligned teeth in teens and adults by progressively moving teeth to provide a beautiful finished smile.

The device will be custom made for each patient and follow the prescription submitted by the doctor. The device is manufactured using a medical grade thermoformed material. The mechanism of force application to the teeth is via intentional distortion of the material as the aligners are seated in the mouth. Each subsequent aligner in the overall progressive series is made from a mold of the patient’s teeth which reflect subtle changes in the position of the teeth from the previous aligner. The overall treatment is prescribed by the doctor to the laboratory where the EZ-Align® Aligners are fabricated. Aligners may be adjusted by the prescribing doctor. Each EZ-Align® aligner is completely removable by the patient.