Are you ready for a smile that you can be proud of?

Are you looking for simple, comfortable, and effective clear aligners? Then EZ-Align® is right for you. Getting your EZ-Align® clear aligner system could not be easier. In order to ensure a proper fit and the best course of treatment for your smile, EZ-Align® is only available through an EZ-Align® dental professional.

Unlike other clear aligner programs, you have the expertise of a doctor at your side. They will track your progress to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile. To get started, the doctor will assess your case and pull together a customized plan for your teeth. Under your doctor’s plan, you will be on your way to a brighter smile in no time!

To get started today, simply find a doctor near you.

Type in your zip code, set the search radius in which you would like to search, click “Search”. Results are listed to the left and location pins are displayed on the map.
Hover over a listing on the left – the pin associated with that location will start to jump! You can get directions from the list on the left or click the pin to get contact information! Simple & Easy!